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Our Achievements

Compañeros en Salud/Partners in Health, NFP has a long history of projects that address the healthcare needs of the community. Examples include the following:

In 2000, Compañeros en Salud published “Guía de Compañeros en Salud,” a bilingual directory for the Spanish-speaking community. The directory was distributed to the Spanish-speaking community through member agencies.

Also in 2000, Compañeros en Salud created and developed Language Access to Healthcare (LAH), a free community-based interpreting service. LAH provides medical interpreting services in various languages to health care, social agencies and other non-profit organizations, free of cost. LAH’s Mission is to facilitate communication between non-English and limited-English speaking individuals, and health and human services professionals by promoting and providing professionally trained health care interpreters.

For more information about this program, contact

Presence Mercy Medical Center
Center for Diabetic Wellness
1975 Melissa Lane
Aurora, IL 60506     630-897-4000

Presence Mercy Medical Center Language Access to Health Care
Behavioral Health Services, Lower Level 1325 North Highland Avenue
Aurora, IL 60506     630-801-2727

In 2004, Companeros en Salud developed the concept of a diabetic center for people of all cultures. Companeros en Salud partnered with Presence Mercy Medical Center to assist with this effort. With the assistance of a federal grant through the Office of Congressman J. Dennis Hastert, Presence Mercy Medical Center opened the Center for Diabetic Wellness in March of 2005.

Presence Mercy Medical Center, Center for Diabetic Wellness offers a culturally sensitve and linguistically appropriate approach in the delivery of comprehensive diabetes management services that include: diabetes education classes approved by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), nutritional counseling case management, counseling, pastoral care and subspecialty services.

For more information about this program, contact:
Presence Mercy Medical Center
Center for Diabetic Wellness
1975 Melissa Lane
Aurora, IL 60506